Q. How long has LIVING SPACES been in the furniture Industry.
A. LIVING SPACES is the retail arm of Anands Interiors a company that has been in the furniture manufacturing business for more than 35 years. Our Primary business has been HOTEL SUPPLIES and exports. Our clients include reputed Hotel Chains like TAJ, INTERCONTINENTAL, HYATT, RADISSON, ITC.

Q. What woods are used?
A  Predominantly TEAK but we also use mahogany, maple, rosewood, oak. All woods are fully seasoned in our own factories.

Q. What are the usp of  LIVING SPACES
A. Design,  Quality, Price.  
Design: About 70% of the furniture that you see in the stores is designed exclusively for LIVINGSPACES by our inhouse team of designers or through contracted Designers.

Quality: Furniture quality  starts with the right sourcing of high quality of materials like timber, plywood, veneers, foam, springs and polish materials from reliable sources and extends to the manufacturing processes like carpentry, upholstery and finishing. The manufacturing process is scrutinized by a team of foremen and engineers with extensive knowledge of all processes and systems.

Price: At LIVING SPACES we believe that furniture is an investment for our clients. We constantly strive to maintain lower prices than our competitors. This is done by sourcing larger quantities of raw material and standardizing design and production to achieve lower wastages.

Q. Furniture Construction
A. Wooden Furniture: All furniture is manufactured with a combination of solid Timber, plywood and veneers. The Solid timer is fully seasoned in our own factories to 12% moisture content. The plywood is guaranteed to be borer proof. The veneers are of .5mm thickness and can withstand repolishing and sanding twice.

Upholstery: All upholstery is done with PU moulded  Foam and Pu foam along with polyfill. The density of foam differs for different parts of the furniture items. All Framework for sofas is done in Hard woods which are fully seasoned and coated with fire resitant and borer proof materials. All springs are Aluminum non sag.

Top Coats: All furniture is polished in our modern finishing booths with  dust controlled environments. All surfaces are sealed and then stained to achieve desired shades. The final 3 coats of Melamine are then applied with Special HVLP Guns to achieve wear resistant finishes.

A Retail Initiative of Vijay Anand & Associates Pvt. Ltd

We take homes seriously – because we know that your home is a reflection of your taste and lifestyle. We have the expertise backed by experience, quality products, affordable prices, dedicated staff, skilful craftsmen, manufacturing capability, sensitivity to customer needs and a vision. If you want a home that truly reflects you , this is the right place to start. Come let’s begin the Living Spaces relationship!