Living Spaces

We are a brand of design stores specializing in wooden, upholstered and metal furniture ranging from traditional to contemporary. We season ,manufacture and design our own furniture .We are 100% Indian and proudly so. Come start the LIVING SPACES experience.

About Us

A retail initiative of Anand’s Interior, Living Spaces was launched in 2003.Started by Aashhish V.Anand, an architect with extensive interior design experience in India and South –East Asia. Living Spaces strives constantly to provide furniture for the Indian Market designed for the lifestyles of the urban Indian .The key is originality of design and high quality products that are quintessentially Indian with a global mien.

Living Spaces was started under the aegis of Vijay Anand Associates ,a company with over 35 years of experience in the  field of furniture making .This company has furnished more than 75 five star hotels & numerous homes around the world .The years of experience in the industry are a proven asset, which  has benefited both our business and our clients.

Living Spaces is the cumulative advantage of design and production expertise and immense experience.

Our Philosophy
Is to create a synergy between designers and craftsmen .This is to ensure that the local skills and talents are constantly given new direction and international quality   products are manufactured locally.

Quality standards

Our manufacturing facilities in Delhi total more than 3,000 square metres area with a capacity to produce more than 400 guestrooms per year . The working systems  and processes are partially mechanised  to enable us to provide styles ranging from handcrafted to contemporary ,linear furniture .The units are equipped with state-of -the –art  seasoning plants and finishing booths .Since our products are manufactured  in our own factories we are involved every step of the way from the seasoning  to  production to delivery.

Store Locations

New Delhi

CRC 369 First Floor
Sultanpur Chowk
MG Road
New Delhi 110030

Telephone: +91 11 65634375

A Retail Initiative of Vijay Anand & Associates Pvt. Ltd

We take homes seriously – because we know that your home is a reflection of your taste and lifestyle. We have the expertise backed by experience, quality products, affordable prices, dedicated staff, skilful craftsmen, manufacturing capability, sensitivity to customer needs and a vision. If you want a home that truly reflects you , this is the right place to start. Come let’s begin the Living Spaces relationship!